Monday, 12 May 2014

Being a mother

There's beauty in every first time. Mixtures of joyous, anxious, and curious create an epitome of happiness. After experienced it, I guess its worth more than a birthday celebration. It's about being appreciated on every tiny little things that you do as a mother, housewife, house manager, cleaner, and so on. 

So a little reminder to all husbands out there. Take time, appreciate your wife. Say 'Happy Mother's day darling' would be enough. If you are capable of splashing some money, then take her out somewhere. Make her feel appreciated because trust me, she will only work harder next time to be even greater. Give her your best, then you will get the best.

To all mothers out there. Make pledges. Aim for the better, OK.

I celebrated mothers' day with a pledge to be a great mother to my son. 

P/S: Rai dah tumbuh gigi hari ni. Mama excited macam Rai dah boleh berjalan :)

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