Friday, 2 May 2014

Weekend funspiration: DIY organizing

1. Drawer dividers from Iheartorganizing. Too much stuffs in the drawer right? Lepas ni jangan easily throw away all the boxes. 2. Laundry bag from Makingniceinthemidwest. I love laundry bags. Especially kalau yang comel2 corak bunga2 bagai. This one from sarung bantal. Nice. 3. Picture frames from Jennasuedesign. I love wooden frames. Boleh dapat yang murah di carboot sale and paint it white. Nampak mahal and neat. 4. Personalized boxes from Brit. Women love boxes. Kan? Kan? Sebab akan nampak lebih organized and sedap mata memandang. Yang penting comel. Till next time, happy weekend!  

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